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We Crunch Data

As a team of Data Scientists and Big Data specialists we are open for your needs concerning data analysis, machine learning and big data.

Data Analysis and Visualization
Data Analytics and Visualization

It's nice to collect lots of data, but data is worthless without context and interpretation. We can help you understand your data and convert it to actionable knowledge.

Modeling and Prediction
Modeling and Prediction

We specialize in problems involving data mining and machine learning solutions, in such domains as Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and Security.

Big Data Solutions
Implementing Big Data Solutions

We have an extensive experience with processing Big Data and architecting solutions based on such technologies as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Training and Coaching
Training and Coaching

We can help you or your team gain necessary knowledge to undertake projects involving data-related problems.

Our Work

Case Studies

  • Creating a voice assistant for e-commerce
    Creating a voice assistant for e-commerce

    For a startup working for the fashion industry, we have consulted and created an initial version of a voice assistant.

  • Training a team of Data Scientists
    Training a team of Data Scientists

    We have helped a company from the financial sector to grow the competencies of their team and conducted a series of training courses allowing them to work on a machine learning-based approach to financial data analysis.

  • Optimizing a Big Data processing pipeline
    Optimizing a Big Data processing pipeline

    For a client processing vast amounts of streaming data, we have proposed and implemented an architecture, which eliminated the bottlenecks and allowed to analyze the data efficiently.


We Work with Academia

We believe in applicable research, which is conducted in partnerships between academia and business.

We and our team members initiate and engage in several research projects in such domains as: Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and Systems Security.

Solve your research problem
Solve your research problem

Having an extensive network of experts in top research institutions, we can help you solve even the most difficult problems in your project.

Turn your research idea into a product
Turn your research idea into a product

We can help you assess the business value of your research idea or project and bring it to the commercial market.


We Teach

Is your team in need of data scientists or big data specialists? Do you want to jumpstart your individual career?

Pick one of our training courses or contact us for customized training, specific for your team needs.


Recent Blog Posts

  • StackOverflow tags with Dask
    StackOverflow tags with Dask

    In the previous Dask post we’ve looked into basic data extraction using Dask. In this post we’ll follow up the problem and show how to perform more complex tasks with Dask in a similar way as we’d do in Pandas but on a larger data set.

  • Dask - a new elephant in the room
    Dask - a new elephant in the room

    While Big Data is with us for a while, long enough to become almost a cliche, its world was largely dominated by Java and related tools and languages. This became an entry barrier for many people not familiar with these technologies, which were mostly engineering-centric. The first glimpse of hope came with Hive’s SQL and Pig’s (pig) Latin. Later Spark came with Python and R support, SQL interface, and with some DataFrames along the way. Now we see a rise of many new and useful Big Data processing technologies, often SQL-based, which made working with big data sets much easier.

  • Scala (and Java) Spark UDFs in Python
    Scala (and Java) Spark UDFs in Python

    Many systems based on SQL, including Apache Spark, have User-Defined Functions (UDFs) support. While it is possible to create UDFs directly in Python, it brings a substantial burden on the efficiency of computations. It is because Spark’s internals are written in Java and Scala, thus, run in JVM; see the figure from PySpark’s Confluence page for details.


Our Team

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  • Łukasz Kobyliński

    Łukasz holds a PhD in Computer Science and specializes in machine learning methods in the domain of Natural Language Processing, as well as image recognition. Within his 13 years of experience in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, he developed numerous solutions covering scientific projects and consulted commercial implementations for financial, insurance and IT companies. He was involved in projects concerning corpus linguistics, information extraction, semantic analysis of text and mining visual and geospatial data.

  • Jakub Nowacki
    Lead Data Scientist

    Jakub is University of Bristol graduate where he obtained PhD in Engineering Mathematics. On the daily basis he utilizes his analytical and development skill working in software development. He is mostly interested in distributed processing and analysis of big data sets. Jakub originally has C/C++ background but currently works mostly in JVM and Python world.

  • Treble
    Norbert Ryciak
    Lead Data Scientist

    IT specialist with very good theoretical and practical background. 8 years of experience in various technologies from mobile to JEE, services, big data, across a diversity of projects and environments – banking, telco, mobile and public.

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