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Big Data processing with Apache Spark
2 day training course

Course intended for

Course main audience are software engineers and data analysts, who want to learn the basis of Big Data processing, which surpasses the capabilities of traditional processing, using tools of Apache Spark family. The course is both for people interested in starting to work with Big Data, as well as, people with previous experience in other Big Data systems, such as Apache Hadoop, who want to learn new technology.

Course objective

The attendees will learn about new problems that arise during Big Data analysis from various sources using Apache Spark family tools. During the course a general set of typical Big Data problems and their solutions using Apache Spark will be presented. Moreover, the attendees will have a general overview of the pros and cons of using Apache Spark for their business problem solving. In addition, the course allows the attendees to familiarize themselves with fast-moving Big Data processing field and the novel approach to problem solving that Apache Spark presents.


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