Data Science
Training Courses

Deep Learning
4 day training course

Course intended for

Training course is aimed at developers and data analysts who want to learn the concepts of deep neural networks.

Course objective

The course objective is to equip participants with knowledge about deep neural networks. The participants will be able to program and debug deep neural networks, including convolutional and the recurrent neural networks. Neural network architecture discussed during the training will be presented by means of basic concepts of computer vision (classification) and processing of natural language (text classification and generation). Additionally, newest research along with the most popular uses of deep learning will be presented, such as automated generation of description for images and transfer learning techniques.

Foundations of Text Mining and Natural Language Processing
3 day training course

Course intended for

Text constitutes at least 70% of all data generated in IT systems. Such data is rarely used for analytical purposes or knowledge discovery. This course covers the problems related to the processing and analysis of textual data. The course is addressed to:

  • programmers who wish to use the knowledge discovery methods using Text Mining in their systems,

  • analysts who wish to extend their analytical workshop by a Text Mining analysis tool,

  • those interested in using statistical tools and machine learning methods when working with Text Mining.

Basic programming knowledge in any language is required (for example Python, R, MATLAB).

Course objective

Participants will learn a number of tools designated for working on Text Mining and NLP problems. A number of examples of their use will be presented which cover the majority of topics from that domain. Course will be conducted using language most commonly used for text analytics - Python.


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