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Introduction to MongoDB

A renaissance of databases is coming. What we are currently observing is an explosion of different database paradigms, which break with SQL hegemony. From simple, key-value store, through column-oriented database and documents to complex graph databases - these solutions give up some of SQL features in order to promise you more flexibility, speed and scalability.

MongoDB is a document-oriented store, with JavaScript like query language and interfaces to majority of programming languages, including Java, Python, C# and Ruby. It works nicely with a large amount of data, support replication, sharding, aggregates and many, many more. But there is a catch. It’s not a database you used to know and work with. First things you will notice is a lack of relations, next thing which will pop up is a lack of schema and poor set of available types.

During this workshop, Wiktor is going to show you how to work with this paradigm. How to navigate smoothly throughout different modeling patters, work with type model limitations and why you don’t need all of the SQL features. Step by step from simple queries to complex aggregates, you will learn to work with MongoDB. The goal of the course is to familiarize the participants with NoSQL on the MongoDB example. During the course, the participants will learn, among others, the basics of MongoDB, how the user interface looks like or what are the differences between MongoDB query syntax and classic SQL. They will also learn what it is an _id and why the entity identifier does not always have to be a random value.

After the training the participants will be able to manage documents in MongoDB (add, modify, read), they will know and be able to use query syntax with the use of projection. In addition, the participants will be able to create indexes and use them in the queries. In addition, as far as it is possible within the designated time frame, the participants will learn how aggregation is implemented, what are its limitations, they will be able to filter and aggregate data from the documents and learn the mechanism of data replication.

Course Agenda
  1. Introduction.
    • NoSQL – review.
    • MongoDB – review.
    • Form of data stored in MongoDB.
    • Comparison of MongoDB and relational databases.
    • Life without relations – ways of data modelling.
  2. CRUD.
    • Creating documents.
    • Downloading documents.
    • Queries operators.
    • Projections.
    • Updating documents.
    • Cursors.
  3. Indexes.
    • Basics.
    • Indexes in the internal fields.
    • Complex indexes.
    • Multi-key indexes.
    • Indexes with hash function.
    • Indexes’ properties.
    • Covered queries (with an index).
  4. Aggregation*.
    • Introduction *
    • Operators *
    • Limits *
  5. Replication*.
    • Replication nodes *
    • Confirmation of the entry *
    • Reading data from backup nodes * optional elements – will be implemented according to the possibilities and needs

“Great atmosphere and contact with the trainer, workshop was very well timed. The difficulty level of examples was nicely varied.”

“Smooth and clear knowledge transfer and lots of practical examples.”

“Great workshop - nicely condensed material. Thanks & we want more!”

Minimum Requirements

This is a BYOD (bring your own device) workshop, so remember to bring your own laptop.

The workshop will run for 8 hours from 9AM until 5PM. There will be a few coffee breaks and one 1-hour lunch break (on your own).

Trainer - Wiktor Sztajerowski

Wiktor is a Java developer and NoSQL enthusiast for whom programming is both work and passion. He believes in software quality, “keep it simple stupid” principle and Agile methodologies. Privately assigned with Łódź Agile and Java communities and big fan of MongoDB.

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Date and Time

Saturday, Jul 15, 2017

09:00 – 17:00 CEST


Berlin, Germany

Sirius Business Park Berlin, Gartenfelder Straße 29-37


190 EUR per participant

Ticket price includes

  • Full-day workshop
  • Coffee & Tea
  • Wi-Fi access
  • Workshop attendance certificate

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